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The following deal is for Europe only.

  Senior Citizen Discount

   10% Senior Citizen (65 Years and above) discount on International sectors on RBD I and above.
   This discount will be available through PIA offices and Agents.
   Proof of age (65 Years and above) will be required.

  Student Discount

   10% Student Discount on International sectors on RBD I and above.
   15% Student Discount for a group of minimum 10 students on International sectors on RBD I and above.
   Discount will only be available through PK counter.
   For individual/group student discount, Student must present educational institution ID card or proof of admission (in case of fresh admission only).

  PIA Flexible Fares - Plan Ahead & Pay Less

   Book International or Domestic flights as early as possible because the earlier you buy, the cheaper you fly.
   A variety of discounts in Business, Economy Plus, & Economy Classes.
   The benefit of even lower fares in the lean travel period.
   Flexible Fares are applicable on sectors where Revenue Management is implemented.
   Conditions apply

  Traveller's Information

   For passengers traveling to Europe, please also view Traveller's information for essential details.


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