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The pre-qualification of consultants is an important step in the selection process of firms that would like to work with PIA for the supply of products and services. Pre-qualification ensures that high quality proposals can be evaluated in a shorter period of time, leading up to the final selection of suitable consultants. The qualifications of consultants should indicate and reflect prior experience and the capability to handle projects with dexterity and efficiency.

Download Pre-qualification Result of Advertising Agencies 2015-2017

Download the PIA Pre-Qualification Form

Download Pre-Qualification Form for Cisco Vendors

Download Food Services Pre-Qualification Form & Evaluation Criteria

Download Invitation/Agreement/Tender Schedule/Undertaking (International Catering)

Catering Tender Documents 2015

1st Envelope of Technical Documents

(a) Technical Documents with Evaluation Criteria
(b) International Catering Agreement
(c) Undertaking to execute contract
(d) Invitation to tender & Instruction to tenderers

2nd Envelope of Financial Documents

(e) Tender Schedule
(f) UK menu
(g) Additional Items
(h) List of Menu International
(i) Price list of Sundry, Beverage items


Evaluation Criteria

Download the evaluation criteria (Security Companies)

Download the evaluation criteria (Transport Services)

Download the evaluation criteria (Food Services)


Tender Notices

View a list of current tenders.

E-Trading Partners - Powered by Aeroxchange

Aero Xchange is a neutral purchasing portal for the aviation industry based in Irving, Texas. Aeroxchange offers a unique suite of world-class technology products designed to generate value for trading partners in the aviation supply chain.

Download List of E-Trading Partners


Procurement Manual

Public procurement at PIA is based on the principal hallmarks of Economy, Efficiency, Fairness, Reliability, and Transparency. Before bidding for the supply of products and services, please read the PIA Procurement Manual in detail.

Download the PIA Procurement Manual


Public Procurement Rules

The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority, formed under the Presidential Ordinance, has issued a set of Public Procurement Rules. It is mandatory for all public-sector organizations, including PIA to ensure that these rules are adhered to at all times.

Download Public Procurement Rules


Pre-Qualified Organizations

A number of organizations are already on PIA's panel of pre-qualified organizations. To join, please apply for pre-qualified status.

Download the Pre-Qualification Form


How to Become a Vendor

PIA welcomes consultants to join its prestigious panel of approved vendors and firms. Please ensure that you have read the Pre-Qualification Manual, the Procurement Manual, and the Public Procurement Rules before applying for Approved Vendor status.

Download the Approved Vendor Form



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